Fatal Fury Final


Beat'em Up set in the SNK classic


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Fatal Fury is a well-known fighting saga that features 1v1 combat, developed by SNK, and born as competition for Street Fighter II in the beginning of the 90s. With the years, their games have become a classic in the genre, and to the day they are still featured in collections and new editions. This fan game is an adaptation of the first title for Neo Geo, launched in 1991, and transported into a new genre, that of beat'em up games.

The game can be seen as a remake of the first version, including original graphics and sound, but extended to offer different game modes. The story mode lets you choose one of the Bogard brothers (and Tung Fu Rue) in their adventures through the streets of South Town, against Geese Howard. Another game mode lets you choose between 11 characters, and beat levels through various different possible roads that lead to different endings. Still, The King of Fighters mode goes back to the 1v1 gameplay.

The game, developed with the OpenBOR engine, which is focused particularly on the creation of beat'em up games, lets you set up various parameters like the screen resolution, support for USB controllers, and enables cooperative games in any mode. This is an essential game for any fan of SNK, Neo Geo, and fighting titles in general.

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